When Rauschenberg met De Kooning

BIG Thanks to @austinkleon for this post about Rauschenberg erasing a De Kooning. BRILLIANT.


The incredible story of Robert Rauschenberg walking up to Willem de Kooning’s house with a bottle of Jack Daniels and asking him for a drawing he could erase.

Not long before he died, Robert Rauschenberg told the story of the Erased De Kooning Drawing in this BBC video. He’s a good storyteller. When he finished his erasure, some folks accused him of vandalizing a de Kooning, saying he destroyed art. It wasn’t vandalism, he tells the interviewer. Then what was it? “Poetry,” he says.


Think Spring! Wuh? Thrilled to wear this dress last Sunday. I bought the pink denim yeeeears ago. Cut and started the dress 02.28.09. Starting drawing. Markers ran dry. Picked it back up with new markers a year later. Finished drawing. Set it down for several months and finally sewed it together the end of July. Posting it mid-September. *shrug* That’s the way it goes sometimes. Most importantly, it’s DONE and wearable!

First inspired by Andy Warhol’s early illustrations, I drew on the denim with Marvy Broad Points, DecoFabric Opaque marker in white and the thin lines are a black Identipen.

This was the first dress I put slash pockets in. It was a little futzy to do, but well worth it.

I absolutely love wearing these dresses I make. I’m a walking canvas. If you’ve been thinking of decorating your existing clothes or sewing your own, go for it!



(Not as dirty as you think.)

Amihan taught me most of what I know about dyeing fabric. Once when I visited her in Madison, I felt extra comfortable in her home when I saw her tub still tinged with dye.

I like this short interchange when she posted about my blue burst dress.

Amihan: Sweet! You’re starting to flirt more seriously with blue, I see…

Brandy: I am a colorslut. I flirt seriously with every color but purple, brown and white.

Amihan: My relationship with red has become much more serious, but my relationship with brown continues to be very casual. I’m still in deep with blue and purple, of course. Colorsluttery is fun!

Brandy:Chartreuse is about to put a restraining order out on me.


New fabric designed by ME. Ordered on Spoonflower. Two yards of the black background on a linen cotton blend to make into a new jumper dress, aka the Uniform. Rush order. Paid umpteen dollars since the current production time is ~18 days. 1 yard of the white background on lightweight cotton lawn, no rush. Probably make a scarf. Curious about the weight of cotton lawn.

Man, oh, man I love creating patterns. Nowadays you can set up a Spoonflower shop of sorts, get 10% on orders of your designs. This could be dangerous. If you like my designs, let me know. May encourage me to set up shop. Don’t think it’ll make me tons of money, but I’m yet another design/sewer with aspirations to be a fabric designer.